Overview of all Locations


      •  ICT and Industry
        •  Telecommunications
        •  Multimedia
        •  Electronics/Electro-Technology
        •  Microelectronics
        •  Mechanics
        •  Measure, Control and Testing instruments
        •  Robotics
        •  Industrial automation
        •  Process automation
        •  Aerospace
        •  Software
        •  Miscellaneous
      •  Life Sciences und Materials
        •  Biotechnology
        •  Diagnostics
        •  Biomedicine
        •  Pharmaceutics
        •  Biology
        •  Chemistry
        •  Nanotechnology
        •  Materials Science
        •  Miscellaneous
      •  Agricultural/food
        •  Food technologies
        •  Agricultural production
        •  Transformation of products
        •  Agricultural machines
        •  Microbiology
        •  Hygiene examinations
        •  Miscellaneous
      •  Energy and Environment
        •  Physics
        •  Geology
        •  Energy
        •  Marine Technologies
        •  Environmental protection
        •  Restoration and monument conservation
  • Activate all/none


      •  Research and Development
        •  Research and Development inside the park
        •  Administration of external research projects
        •  Technology transfer
        •  Commercialization of technologies
      •  Human Resources
        •  Organisation of conferences, courses and seminars
        •  Staff training
        •  Staff recruiting
        •  Partnerships with universities and other research institutes
        •  Management consultancy
      •  Business
        •  Confidential economic data
        •  Development of business contacts
        •  Consultancy related to intellectual property
        •  Access to venture capital
        •  Venture capital available
        •  Network formations
      •  Administrative services
        •  Certification
        •  Consultancy for dealing with public administration
        •  Administrative services for located companies
        •  Support of relations with the EU
        •  Technical support in the selection of locations by companies and laboratory facilities
      •  Other services
        •  Territorial marketing
        •  Location marketing
        •  Consultancy for public administration related to energy resources
        •  Environmental services
        •  Tourist information services
        •  Miscellaneous
  • Activate all/none


The Italian Science and Technology Parks are developing, together with the technology districts and the excellence centres increasingly to important interfaces for research and economics. At the various sites in Italy, they are pursuing similar aims. Thereby both the strengthening of the respective region and/or the resident research facilities and companies, as well as the intensification of the international relations are the focus of attention.


Background information

The term “research and development” (R&D) refers in the business enterprise (people, financial means and resources) to the examination of technological innovations with the aim of improving existing products or production processes and to develop new products. These aims should both enhance the competitiveness on international markets and also push ahead with the integration of innovation and research at international level. For this, in addition to innovations, qualified human resources are required and the ability to implement generated knowledge. Diverse finance and tax tools were created to support industrial research in companies.